Lovin’ Bloggin’

It’s been just over a week and I have really enjoyed sharing my sewing with you……… Had 38 hits (at the moment) and 8 followers, loads of likes on my posts (loads to a newbie like me).
I am really happy people like my posts, I hope you’ve been having a go! Hope I can keep this up for you xx


Feeling The Cold!

Opening the curtains this morning thick snowflakes graced the scene and though beautiful, a sigh of eugh….my cold is never going to get better and BRING ON SPRING!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the snow and wrapping up in scarves, woolly hats and any excuse to knit a few woollies, but winter needs to stay in winter please and we need to catch up with the seasons! Moan over…..

My issue is if my ears get cold, I get ill! So I love to wear my earmuffs (less hat hair issues too)!


I saw a pair like this, but fur, instead of a crochet circle of wool, in Selfridges a couple of winters ago, totally out of my price range, so when this winter came around (and the sewing machine appeared) I give it a go and loved the outcome!

I plan to make another pair in the fur I have left over from the hat and snood……so watch this space!

The Little Blue and White Spotty Dress!

IMG_1620Oooooberly proud of myself and love love love my new dress! I mentioned this in yesterdays post.
Just as I thought I was done for the day……parents evening does me in! I carried Fin up to bed and thought oh go on…..and finished off the binding, something I definitely need some practice on.
I love the sharp white contrast on the blue….just love it and can’t wait to wear it on Friday!!!

Sew Mag Project….kinda!


Love the free pattern from Sew mag this month! I just got it out to have a nosey at last night and remembered a floral print I had which I bought to make a skirt…..Now I had never used a pattern before, so when the skirt section of the pattern did not look too difficult (bodices still daunt me) I pulled out the material and could just about fit the skirt on so off I went…….


I seem to be getting it wrong measuring myself as I would definitely use a size smaller when I make the skirt for the dress, as it hangs on my hips (I still love it). I made the waist band with some jersey knit I had left over and used a concealed zipper – which I’m amazed at, my first concealed zipper foot zip!


Overall I love this skirt, it hangs gorgeous because of the pleats! Wwill defo be making more and attacking the dress soon xx

I will get some pics of me wearing my makes eventually…..will have to rope someone in to take some photos!

A few sewing firsts for me…..

Snow days indeed!!!! Bring them on more oftern……preferably in winter tho! I have hads a very productive two days hanging out in the house with my boy! In between the playing with trains, watching cars and Disney Jnr, baking bread, building a snowman and a snowdog, playing spiderman (with Fin dressed in suit) and catching up on Merlin…. I have managed to sew a dress (still waiting to do the neck and arm binding…. I ain’t superwoman ;-)) and completing a skirt, which Im very excited about……in fact Im really excited about both of them!

The dress. (I will post the pic tomorrow after I have finished!)

I based this on a dress I already own. I love the pattern and colour of the material and thought it would fall lovely, like the other dress.

The pattern was literally an aline from the bust down based on the width of the dress i already own and an inch seam allowance for the french seams. I did keep trying the dress on at every stage, so, straps, which i took up, took it in under the arms and dipped the neckline ……love making my own clothes, getting them to fit just as I want….eeeek!!! (I’m such a girl!) I then decided where I wanted the waist to cinch in and pinned about 1.5inch lower (to get a bit of a slouch). Got a thin piece of elastic (about 5mm) and used the long stitch stretching the elastic through the waistline as I sewed.

The Skirt


With two new skills – making pockets and using interfacing.


Now this has been 2 skirts today, starting at the hips and then I took the decision to make a waisted skirt. I’m usually quite dubious of waisted skirts as I think they can Make me look big! But as I seem to have shrunk my waist a little in recent weeks…….another girly eeek! (and all because I started sewing and wanted the clothes I made to fit me better) I thought sod it! so after a bit of unpicking, chopping and resewing! This was the outcome. Roll on the warmer weather to wear it!

The decision for this pattern was from some inspiration off other blogs. Tilly and the Buttons ‘Picnic Blanket Skirt’ and Sweet Verbena colour block dress mashup!

This isn’t a tutorial, so much as a run through as Ididnt follow a tutorial but did use other people’s concepts and etiquette wise, don’t want to annoy anyone…..not sure how this sort of thing really works yet.

I cut the waist band (originally with my hip measurements) a block of the orangey colour and a slimmer block of the stone to make up the length I wanted and seam allowance of around half an inch. I stitched the blocks of colour together, put on the pockets and stitched the side seams (including going around the pockets), put the interfacing on one half of the waistband (iron and wet cloth). Then I long stitched the top edge of the orange material and adjusted it to the waistband, stitched the skirt to the inside edge of the waistband leaving enough material to insert the zipper. Zipper in and folded the waistband over and stitched.

To the change it to a waister i unpicked the side seam without the zip, leaving one side of the pocket attached, cut through the waistband. Then repinned the waistband, side seam and stitched avoiding the pocket, then restitched around the pocket.

I think I may even wear it with grey tights and brown boots if the weather stays so dreary!

Also managed to finish the binding on this top which has been hanging around for weeks, so I could have a practice on a few other things first. I love this fabric and wanted it to be something I could wear.


Well its been a busy old day. Fin fell asleep at 5 and is now in bed (it’s going to be an early morning), but in the time he was on the sofa I started yet another skirt…..from a pattern……another first!!!! So will post it tomorrow when its hemmed!

I’m off to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start again tomo! I really don’t spend my life sewing……honest……it’s just been one of those days!

Easy Peasy Drapey Cardi….

This is the easiest thing I have made so far! I based it on a Gap cardigan Ive had for a few years. As it was looking a little tired and I love it so I opened it out and actually studies it, discovering it was only a rectangular piece of material and 2 sleeves and voila! I have made 3 so far and lived in one for work and home since its creation. So comfy and cosy!

So here is the easy peasy tutorial…..

You will need 2m of jersey knit, obviously the softer the more drapey and cotton to match

1, Measure the width of your cardi, this will be the edge of your drape at the front and across your shoulders. This is were you get to play around with the size and shape of your cardi, how drapey you want the longer your measurement and the further it will fall to the floor and the longer in length the further down your back it will go. (make sure the material will stretch across your back).

My other cardigan used as a template

My other cardigan used as a template

2, cut 2 pieces for sleeves, use any cardigan or tshirt sleeves to get your fit and make them a little longer than you think you will need (they can be adjusted afterwards). I put the sleeve over the top of my arm and then pin it the sizeI want it around my wrist and then cut a diagonal line from one to the other, leaving seam allowance. Make sure the material will stretch around your arm.

two sleeves pinned

two sleeves pinned

3, Sew the edge of your sleeves. back stitch at the beginning and end. Make sure the material is inside out.

4, Now measure the back of one of your cardigans between your sleeves and measure this against your back. Does it feel right for where your sleeves will sit? Lay your cardigan out and measure 6 inches down from the top of your cardigan, with the material folded in half (the longer this measurement the more material there will be around your neck and slouched on your shoulders) If you are broader in the shoulders (I generally wear a size 10/12 UK top) then you will need to increase this measurement. Lay the sleeves where they will be sewn and make slits going straight through both sides so your sleeves will be sitting evenly in the cardigan (remember your material is folded).


5, Turn your sleeve the right way round and slide it through the armhole so you have right sides facing and the raw edge you will be stitching, make sure the seam of the sleeve is at the bottom of the armhole. Pin it evenly and then sew on the machine (or by hand) using the longest straight stitch. Stretch the material slightly as it goes through the machine so there is a little give in the armhole.


6, Turn it the right way round, check the length of your sleeves, if they are too long chop them down abit and then re stitch over the wrist edge of the seam to stop them unthreading………… and you have a lovely waterfall cardigan! The joy of knit material is it does not need hemming and falls beautifully without one.

the first and fave

the first and fave


Already have plans to adapt them by putting a panel of flowery floaty material in there!!!! Love some girly floral!!!!

Retail Therapy! A pick me up on one of those days…..

Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ at work yesterday….. more so than usual! So on the way home from work, only a teeny detour 😉 I headed off for a little retail therapy in my favourite fabric haven….. abakhan!  I did need a few things for my various projects I seem to have on the go , but also love a rummage and found some fab materials for the two dress patterns I recently acquired!

I love this brown and pink spot. It has a slight sheen to the material and I think its going to make up the Simplicity K2444 pattern free from sew magazine this month! Watch this space for that project!


Simplicity K2444 pattern

Simplicity K2444 pattern

Also got a concealed zipper foot……oooo exciting,  ever see a zipper again (the eternal optimist) though to be honest it just looks like a little piece of plastic!

Love this material.IMG_1594 A quite fine cotton with a gorgeous delicate blue flower on it. Thinking I’m going to make a circle skirt layered over the grey material (too thin for one layer) though it would be lovely as a summer dress!

It was a happy shopping trip!!! x

Let it snow……

I'm in there somewhere!!

I’m in there somewhere!!

I know the weather should be warming up and I really can’t wait for it (to start sewing my summer dresses for summer) but I saw a fur (all fake obviously)snood tutorial on a blog and had to make one. It took less than an hour, probably even about half an hour, the room looked like a small animal had been sheered (thank goodness for Henry hoover) but it was so worth it, I then went and made my Mum one, cos I love her so much!

http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.co.uk/p/favorite-posts.html here’s the link for the fur snood, this lady is amazing with her tutorials! I mad mine a bit shorter so it was snugger round my neck!

I then decided with my left over fur I was having myself a HAT!!!!

So, here goes my first tutorial!

Notes: This hat is a bit big around my head (Im a great believer thta I should sew bigger as I can always make things smaller, and once i’ts cut, it’s cut!).

All measurements have 1.5cm seam allowance.

The fur may clog up your machine abit so keep blowing to clear any dust.

I had half a meter of fur from Abakhan North Wales and this created the hat and two snoods.

Rim of the Hat

1, cut  a piece of fur 69cm (27 inch) by 15 cm (6″). Try to push the fur underneath while you are cutting or it chops the fur off too.

2, cut your lining 69cm by 13cm (5″). I used a piece of jersey left over, the shorter width will turn the edge of the fur underneath a little around your face.

3, Pin the right side of the jersey and fur together and pin. Sew on your machine using a thick needle (100/16 I used).

Sew the short edges together to make a tube (right sides together)

4, Turn the material so it is the right way around and sew the top edge on your machine, so the raw edges are sticking out.

I used my cutting board as a line to cut along.

I used my cutting board as a line to cut along.

The Top of the Hat

5, Cut out a template of a circle 20cm in diameter (8″)

6, Cut out a circle of fur and jersye this size.

7, with wrong sides together machine stitch around the edge of the circle.

hat top

Make the Hat

8, Pin the edges of the top of the hat to the rim so the raw edges will all face inside the hat when it has been sewn.

9, Try on the hat (without sticking pins in your head if you can) and check you like the fit. Make any alterations, pull the rim further onto the circle if hats too big or hanging too far over your eyes for example (everybodies head is different).

10, stitch the rim tothe top of the hat.

11, And finally hoover the floor, while strutting your stuff in your new fur hat……..

The final hat inside out.

The final hat inside out.

Woohoo! One Super Furry Hat!

Woohoo! One Super Furry Hat!

Love it!!!!!

As this is my first tutorial (and i am pretty new to sewing) and I’m very new to blogging I would greatly appreciate as much feedback as possible!

Thanks x