Easy Peasy Drapey Cardi….

This is the easiest thing I have made so far! I based it on a Gap cardigan Ive had for a few years. As it was looking a little tired and I love it so I opened it out and actually studies it, discovering it was only a rectangular piece of material and 2 sleeves and voila! I have made 3 so far and lived in one for work and home since its creation. So comfy and cosy!

So here is the easy peasy tutorial…..

You will need 2m of jersey knit, obviously the softer the more drapey and cotton to match

1, Measure the width of your cardi, this will be the edge of your drape at the front and across your shoulders. This is were you get to play around with the size and shape of your cardi, how drapey you want the longer your measurement and the further it will fall to the floor and the longer in length the further down your back it will go. (make sure the material will stretch across your back).

My other cardigan used as a template

My other cardigan used as a template

2, cut 2 pieces for sleeves, use any cardigan or tshirt sleeves to get your fit and make them a little longer than you think you will need (they can be adjusted afterwards). I put the sleeve over the top of my arm and then pin it the sizeI want it around my wrist and then cut a diagonal line from one to the other, leaving seam allowance. Make sure the material will stretch around your arm.

two sleeves pinned

two sleeves pinned

3, Sew the edge of your sleeves. back stitch at the beginning and end. Make sure the material is inside out.

4, Now measure the back of one of your cardigans between your sleeves and measure this against your back. Does it feel right for where your sleeves will sit? Lay your cardigan out and measure 6 inches down from the top of your cardigan, with the material folded in half (the longer this measurement the more material there will be around your neck and slouched on your shoulders) If you are broader in the shoulders (I generally wear a size 10/12 UK top) then you will need to increase this measurement. Lay the sleeves where they will be sewn and make slits going straight through both sides so your sleeves will be sitting evenly in the cardigan (remember your material is folded).


5, Turn your sleeve the right way round and slide it through the armhole so you have right sides facing and the raw edge you will be stitching, make sure the seam of the sleeve is at the bottom of the armhole. Pin it evenly and then sew on the machine (or by hand) using the longest straight stitch. Stretch the material slightly as it goes through the machine so there is a little give in the armhole.


6, Turn it the right way round, check the length of your sleeves, if they are too long chop them down abit and then re stitch over the wrist edge of the seam to stop them unthreading………… and you have a lovely waterfall cardigan! The joy of knit material is it does not need hemming and falls beautifully without one.

the first and fave

the first and fave


Already have plans to adapt them by putting a panel of flowery floaty material in there!!!! Love some girly floral!!!!


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