Retail Therapy! A pick me up on one of those days…..

Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ at work yesterday….. more so than usual! So on the way home from work, only a teeny detour 😉 I headed off for a little retail therapy in my favourite fabric haven….. abakhan!  I did need a few things for my various projects I seem to have on the go , but also love a rummage and found some fab materials for the two dress patterns I recently acquired!

I love this brown and pink spot. It has a slight sheen to the material and I think its going to make up the Simplicity K2444 pattern free from sew magazine this month! Watch this space for that project!


Simplicity K2444 pattern

Simplicity K2444 pattern

Also got a concealed zipper foot……oooo exciting,  ever see a zipper again (the eternal optimist) though to be honest it just looks like a little piece of plastic!

Love this material.IMG_1594 A quite fine cotton with a gorgeous delicate blue flower on it. Thinking I’m going to make a circle skirt layered over the grey material (too thin for one layer) though it would be lovely as a summer dress!

It was a happy shopping trip!!! x


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