Feeling The Cold!

Opening the curtains this morning thick snowflakes graced the scene and though beautiful, a sigh of eugh….my cold is never going to get better and BRING ON SPRING!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the snow and wrapping up in scarves, woolly hats and any excuse to knit a few woollies, but winter needs to stay in winter please and we need to catch up with the seasons! Moan over…..

My issue is if my ears get cold, I get ill! So I love to wear my earmuffs (less hat hair issues too)!


I saw a pair like this, but fur, instead of a crochet circle of wool, in Selfridges a couple of winters ago, totally out of my price range, so when this winter came around (and the sewing machine appeared) I give it a go and loved the outcome!

I plan to make another pair in the fur I have left over from the hat and snood……so watch this space!


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