Through the Easter Sun!

Check out the snow on those mountains!!

Check out the snow on those mountains!!

We love the sea

We love the sea

Oh yes…. there was some sunlight in my Easter hol! Took my little boy to my folks caravan on Anglesey for the week, hence no chatting! It’s so relaxing and the main reason being it’s really difficult to get any mobile reception and some extreme yoga to attempt to get internet on my phone. So by standing in one particular spot of the caravan, on the sofa, balancing on one leg with my arm waving in the air I managed about two webpages before I gave up the ghost! But my oh my what a week!
We had some lovely trips national trusting and playing ‘Mike The Knight’ in the castles, freezing our bums off on the beach and grinning through the frost in the park, clenched teeth not really an option!

But best of all……..The Great British Sewing Bee! Wine and sewing on the telly….et voila! I only discovered it was on the day before and discovered the book in Tesco on the day it was starting, so me and Mum got very excited and bought it! Now I have plans!
I’m thinking…….a project a week through the book, developing my sewing skills as I go! Very excited for the two jackets…. I love a jacket!

As for the Great British Sewing Bee…..It is wonderful to see sewing on tv and not the professionals. I love they are people very much like myself and those bloggers I follow and share with who love to create, be inspired and jump for joy when it turns out fab!
Now I’m off for some ‘following’ catch up presecco and minstrels! Lovely Friday night!!!


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