Absolutely annoyed!!!!!!!!
First time I am so close to completing a pattern and the zip busts! I don’t know if it was just a rubbish zip or if the concealed zipper foot may have scrambled it ……. help!!! Any ideas?
I was mostly annoyed as I had been trying the dress on before putting the zip in and needed to do abit of adjusting on the bust darts – these are the first bust darts I have ever done and was looking a little Madonna with the cone bra, obviously less swirly! They are a bit bubbly and pointy (how they can be both at the same time I am unsure)  it would have been very fitting for a Marilyn Monroe outfit, but not for a sundress for Caroline.

Help folks! Bubbly darts and wonky zipper!!!!! Any ideas???

Busted Zipper!!!

Busted Zipper!!!


6 thoughts on “Zipastrophe!!!!

  1. well with darts its always about ironing (I personally hate that part). The pointy end is normally easy to fix by just re-doing the end of the dart in a even lighter curve or make it a little longer. If the zipper is broken I sadly dont know any tricks, but undo the seams and put a new one in. I hope it will work out fine for you 😉

    • I’m with you – the most ironing I ever do is when I’m sewing!!! Thanks for the hints, thought exactly the same about extending the dart, tried it and it just made the point higher, so I went the other way and it looks abit better. So going to try stitching it in the morning. Think alot of it is to do with the material being quite stiff it holds the shape of the dart quite ……prominently.

  2. I recently finished a dress put it on & the zip broke and I was stuck in the dress for a while! If I were you I would google ‘bust dart bubble’ there are lots of blog & forum posts about this – I’m sure you will find a fix!

    • Oh no!! worst nightmare getting stuck – I’d end up having to cut my self out- that would definitely mke me cry if I’d made it! Will have a nosey at the sites to see what I can find thanks! Aand would you believe it, I unpicked my zip and with a huge amount of tugging and niggling I fixed it! Hurray!I will be much more careful with my concealed zipper foot from now on!

  3. I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to make a nice dart if you start from the bottom and move to the top. Then finish off the dart with a few stitches that are running really close and parallel to the edge. That usually smooths out the curve.
    Lovely colour on that dress btw 🙂

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