One Complete Dress.

Here’s the finished dress McCall’s M6699. i’m quite proud of it and will definitely be wearing it…..when the weather warms up!!


I did learn alot from this project…. my first dress, first lining and darts…..

1, Press, press, press seams before stitching.

2, Make sure all seams are pointing in the right direction when putting the pieces together.

3, Don’t be afraid to unpick and do it again!

4, Definitely don’t use anything other than a marker specific to materials which comes off (I made the silly mistake of using a pen to make dots on the darts and then when I moved the darts the dots could be seen…..doh! hopefully they will come off when i wash it, but it’s only me that can see them really!)

5, Keep trying on and measuring! Reduces the chance of needing to unpick!

6, and many more!!!!! (sang in a fun happy birthday tune…….)

When it got to the point of the zip not working and the pointy boobs from dodgy darts I wsa ready to throw in the towel and just have a skirt…..but I pulled myself together, gave myself the night off and attacked again in the morning with a positive point of view…….and I’m so glad I did!

I really enjoyed making this dress and even more enjoyed putting it on and feeling that huge sense of satisfaction of making something to wear myself!!! Hurrah!!! There will be many more!


5 thoughts on “One Complete Dress.

    • Thanks! This material was quite stiff cotton, next time i think I will try making it with a softer material! It’s such a lovely pattern though! Could have loads of these dresses in different colours/ patterns.

  1. Very cute dress!! I love the colors, and it came out really well. Congrats on making it to the end! I learn a ton of new things with every new garment I make.

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