Here’s Some I Made earlier!

Skirt taken from Simplicity K2444 pattern

Skirt taken from Simplicity K2444 pattern

Refashion from a maxi dress.

Refashion from a maxi dress.


Love my blue spotty dress.

IMG_1687 IMG_1698 IMG_1700Thanks to my sister-in-law for taking the pics!

I’m definitely not much of a model, but here are some of the items I have made recently…..I’ll give a quick ish rundown!

The purple (ish) skirt at the top I took from the Simplicity K2444 pattern free from Sew Mag. I didn’t have enough material to make the dress so adapted the pattern to make the skirt and added a waistband. Love it with my boots, jumper and fur snood, plus thick tights….it was snowing when this was first made! Think it will look fab with flip-flops too tho!

The maxi skirt is a refashion from a maxi dress which was too tight around the top! Now this material obviously is clingy and shows all lumps and bumps….which made the top even worse! So I think I would generally put my top over the waistband, as  you can see, there is a quite visible line where my vest is. All I did to refashion this is cut it in a straight line an inch above where I wanted it to be seen then made a waistband from a piece of black elastic and stretched the band as I sewed the material on. The elastic can also be rolled over to hide the black and as the skirt is so long it doesn’t really effect the length. I have a plan for the top I chopped off too….

The spotty dress I’ve shown before ….love it with my red shoes!!! You may have noticed I’m wearing tights and the same pumps throughout as I was just quickly getting changed….not much of a photoshoot, was fitting it in before making lunch and had my son running round the garden jumping in photos… he he he!!!

The next photo is from my drapey cardi tutorial. I have a few of these in varied colours now, but this one gets the most wear and has beeen machine washed a few times and is still standing, which I’m very happy about! Love the material, and it hides all lumps and bumps! The top was the first top I made. I drew a pattern from my most worn top (if I’m going out and can’t decide what to wear safety top) bought some pink binding to contrast (why make binding when it can be bought on the roll….unless you have one of those fabby binding making contraptions!!!!). I also have a little rectangle on elastic skirt in this material which needs some warmer weather…….. I love the flowers, colour and overall pattern!

The voile top was a bitof an experiment which……turned out alright actually- though Im not 100% on the material! I cut a rectangle by folding the material into four and where the corners folded I cut a quarter circle (like making a circle skirt) for the neck hole! This turned out very big in the shape of a rectangle, so to make the neck smaller I put pleats over the shoulders which made a nice drapey effect and then sewed the sides with french seams…. then kept adjusting the sides until they tapered in enough to fit properly! If it had been longer when I first cut it I may have kept it the rectangle shape (very batwing) but decided against! I may experiment with this and put a tutorial on as the neck and shoulder are a lovely shape!!!

And finally the pink t-shirt, again I made a pattern froma tshirt I love the shape of, very simple no darts and cut it out! This was a good practice for sleeves! And silly me did one inside out……shhhhhh don’t tell anyone! there is so little difference in the reverse of the material though even I didn’t notice for ages!

Now this is a selection of clothing I’ve made and can’t wait to share more, though I am going to go and practice my modelling poses first! I don’t have my photo taken very often……it’s unnerving!


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