Over optimism for the weekend!

Complete at last!!!

Complete at last!!!

I had sooooo many ideas for last weekend….that I was somewhat over optimistic and didn’t get anywhere near as much done! But it was very fruitful and I managed to complete the Simplicity K2444 dress in the brown with pink spot material and I love it! It’s gorgeous and such a lovely fit…..which I did have to do a few adjustments to and again I learnt something from this, which made me even more excited about the outcome of the dress.

I’m a slightly smaller size on top so usually would do one size smaller on the top (like I did with the shift dress Mccall’s 6699) but as the skirt turned out quite big when I did the purple one I did the whole dress one size down from that skirt. When I sewed the top to the bottom the waist was tiny. So I unpicked the back top from the bottom and let some of the material out of the pleats and this worked a treat! I also had the issue of only having a 16″ zip in pink, and in my naivety thought ‘ah that’ll be fine’ – couldn’t even get the dress on over my head! So…..off I went to the closest craft shop and luckily (cos it doesn’t happen very often with the limited zip range this particular shop has) they had a 22″ pink concealed zip.

This was the first time I have fitted sleeves into anything particularly structed and was surprised at how easy it was. I was a bit nervous at first…. I think I got to this point and put The Hobbit on to avoid starting the task. Nearly 3 hours later I bit the bullet and got on with the job and was very pleased with the outcome. I will try and get a picture of me wearing it at some point.

I think this is a lovely pattern and will definitely use it again. It would be gorgeous done in a heavier material or raw silk and worn for a wedding!!! Do I know anyone getting married?????? I plan to use the top to make a peplum top at some point…… it’s such a versatile pattern I think it will be used well over the years!!!


2 thoughts on “Over optimism for the weekend!

    • I think it’s such a great shape too! I’ve just used the bust to make a peplum top…. very exciting, it’s such a lovely shape and the darts are so forgiving, no pointy bra moments!

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