Using up scraps! ….Or a headband tutorial!!!

Sitting around on Sunday afternoon in front of NCIS repeats, intermittent with the odd bit of tidying up and having a sew!

I’ve had a really relaxing day …. there’s been nothing that really needed doing today, or I chose to ignore the more hardcore stuff which needs doing, like dusting the blinds…… so it was yoga, baking lemon drizzle cake (which is nearly half way down now – oops!) and then faffing about. Part of the faffing about involved cutting an a-line skirt for my Mum and then playing with the scraps and this piece of material is proving to be quite lucrative!

The top flower patterned material.

The top flower patterned material.

This material costs all of around 50p, as it’s so light, bought from Abakhan, Liverpool. So far I have made the circle skirt from the Great British Sewing Bee book – that’s another story altogether – and on seeing the skirt my Mum requested I made her one as she loved the material, there wasn’t enough for another circle skirt, so she gave me one of her patterns for a skirt, which I would class ‘vintage’ (he he cheeky – sorry Mum).

With all these cut offs laying about I started messing about and making a few flowers and then had the bright idea to make a headband, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but had never just sat down to faff….I love the word ‘faff’.

Figured I’d take a few photos and make it a scraps tutorial……

This is made with bits of left overs so there are no exact measurements, which makes it accessible to everyone as everyones heads are different sizes. I used different coloured cottons so they could be seen, I would suggest using matching thread.

1, Make the flower. The longer and wider the material the bigger the flower will be, mine was about 12.5″ long and 2″ wide. Fold the material lengthways and turn under the end.


Stitch about every inch along.

Stitch about every inch along.

Fold every inch ish and stitch through the folded material. Do this to the end of the material and stitch along the edges to join the flower into a circle.

Take a square of material to make the curl in the centre. Fold the square into a triangle and roll tightly from the corner where the two edges meet towards the folded edge. Then stitch this togetheracross the back of the swirl to hold it together. stitch it to the flower, again through the back so the stitches can’t be seen.

Roll the square.

Roll the square.

Make a swirl by spiralling the material.

Make a swirl by spiralling the material.


2, Make the Headband. Cut 2 pieces (or keep as one and fold in half). The material can be as wide or narrow as you like, if you want a wide headband remember if it is too wide it may stick up off the top of your head, and remember some of your scrap will need to be a seam. The material does not need to reach completely around your head as you will be putting elastic in. Put interfacing on one side of the material, just so the headband will hold it’s shape when it’s on your head.

With such thin material a bit of interfacing helps!

With such thin material a bit of interfacing helps!


Put the right sides together, pin and stitch along the long sides to make a tube (don’t stitch the ends).

Turn the tube the right side out.

Turn the tube the right side out.

Turn the headband the right way out and press.

Turn the ends in.

3, Insert the elastic. Unfortunately I do not have a magic equation to figure out what length of elastic to use. Put the headband around your head and put your elastic inbetween the gap, overlap it a bit on the turned over edges and have a mess with stretching the elastic, when you have an idea, pin it in place and try pulling the headband over your head (without sticking pins in yourself – I kept getting my hair tangled in the pin heads – ouch!). It looks like my elastic was made to measure – a flook I assure you!


Put the elastic into the turned in ends with enough of an overlap to make sure the stitches hold. Zig zag stitch so it holds in place.

4, Put the flower on. Put your headband on, pose in the mirror and pin the flower on wherever you like and then stitch between the flower and headband so the stitches are hidden.


Stitch between the flower and headband so the stitches can't be seen.

Stitch between the flower and headband so the stitches can’t be seen.

5, If you want to…… I wasn’t bothered about covering the elastic as I would only wear headbands with my hair down, but if you want to- cut a piece of material to cover the folded width and the length to cover the elastic, when it is stretched, and along the headband to cover the stitches. This will then need to be hand stitched by turning all seams inwards and will scrunch slightly when the headband is relaxed.



I hop

Pretty flower on my head!

Pretty flower on my head!

e this is useful …… I would love some feedback on how I do tutorials, I fear they may be abit long winded…..

But I enjoyed making this headband and am going to go faff about with some more flowers and headbands!!!!

Happy Sewing x


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