Colette, The Anise Jacket

IMG_1983It’s been a bit like Christmas this week….well I suppose it’s last week now. There is a new niece….’hello Freya!’ that was obviously the biggy….and hello to her Mummy if she reads this before I visit tomorrow! And parcels in the post….feels like Christmas! Oooooo what could it be! There was a 70’s vintage dress pattern I purchased from ebay! And this little gem the Colette Anise Jacket! Bought from sewbox, so very prompt, think it was next day it fell on my mat and with a little freebie of some lovely ribbon!!!! Always a pleasure….thank you very much sewbox! Now why post about a pattern without any plans or any making to show I hear you tick tock! Well, I bought a lovely rusty pink (if that is actually a colour) of linen and silvery habito (don’t know how to spell it sorry-my failing) to line for a summer jacket, but am now thinking the linen may be too stiff a fabric and it will not fall right and really would like people’s advice…. on various factors….

the type of material to use

the sizing guide

bound or stitched buttonholes

any hints and tips…..

The book with the pattern is great, but I would really appreciate any advice from people who have made colette patterns before or have experience with this jacket. This is something I really want to take my time with and get right as I feel I’m on a mission whenever I start a pattern and can’t leave alone until it’s complete and then find it’s too tight here or it would have been better if I’d have done such a thing instead. This I want to enjoy taking my time making and have it turn out wonderful….so even if the material is wrong and I need to get different….. I am willing to do what I must!


4 thoughts on “Colette, The Anise Jacket

    • Thanks I’ve been for a nosey! I’m really struggling with deciding on a material. I bought some linen but really not sure about how stiff the material is! Thhink I would like something softer…I just keep putting off starting too!

  1. Hi! I can’t wait to see your anise progress now you’ve got new fabric! I’ll hopefully be starting mine soon too. Have you got the Anise companion or looked through the sew-along posts? There’s lots of info there. Lovely to meet you today, Charlotte x

    • Hi Charlotte! It was lovely to meet you too! I can’t wait to get started on Anise! I have nosed at the Colette pages about the jacket but I don’t have the companion book, so fingers crossed! I loved the Kelly skirt you were wearing…I’m tempted to buy the pattern! x

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