Can you crochet…….in public?

It has taken me over a year to figure out how to crochet! I have picked up and put down little bits; circles, stars and now squares and it’s only just clicked! I have knit for a few years and just got it straight away! But crocheting to me was like a foreign language!
I find knitting quite relaxing, unless I’m on a mission to finish something, but have quite dodgy wrists after 7 years ago injuring myself kitesurfing……yes kitesurfing – the fewer questions about that one the better, and yes 7 years ago, which I got told off for by the physio I eventually went to see last week….apparently I should have gone straight to A&E when it happened, but carried on kitesurfing instead! So knitting is a bit of a no no, but I have so many random balls of wool it’s depressing! So let’s give crocheting a granny blanket a go! Inspired by The Make-For-Anyone Blanket MollieMakes article from issue 24. Now if you look closely I haven’t gone through the exact part of the stitch to pick up another stitch! And I’m not quite up on the terminology yet either! It is a really easy pattern, just using treble crochet and chain stitches and easy to pick up after a few squares! Don’t even need to look at the pattern now! I’m aiming for 54 squares, and they are big squares! Only 38 to go!IMG_2141 IMG_2142

I could be making a lot faster if I didn’t feel the eyes glaring at me in a ‘what on Earth is she doing???’ when I even debate crocheting in public! Sat in the jungle gym yesterday for 2 hours, there’s 3 more done for example…. but I’m too much of a scaredy cat! Anyone else feel like this? Or do us crafters stick together and not care how the world of non crafters stare at us in a non understanding disbelief!!!


13 thoughts on “Can you crochet…….in public?

  1. I used to feel a little bit like and then one day whilst I was knitting on the train, a man thanked me for reminding him of how much he used to love being mesmerised by his mother’s knitting and crocheting. He said he’d not thought about it for years and he used to think it was magic what she could do, so you never what fond memories you might recall for someone!

  2. At first I felt really weird crocheting in public, especially in buses and school. But now, it’s like second nature, and I’m so into my work that I barely notice anyone staring. The funniest is when I’m in class and the other students are wondering “what on earth is she doing with that yarn?” Someone actually came up to me and asked me, but I was happy to answer that I was making a baby dress. πŸ™‚ And her reaction was priceless: she was in such awe that people actually do this stuff nowadays. lol

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