Crochet in public? Me? Hell yeah…..!!!!!!

I felt so inspired with the response to my blog post about the stigma of crocheting in public….and I truly mean inspired! I would not have done what I did otherwise…. I did it! I crocheted in public!


I tried to be quite discreet as I was a little nervy and put the two necessary balls of wool into my handbag (if I was going to do it I was going to do something proper!) and yeah I did tuck myself away abit , it was either sit slap bang in the middle of everyone or over to the side on a little sofa! We were at the jungle gym so people kept walking past me, and don’t get me wrong I did go and play with Fin, but every now and again I’d scoot off and leave him to it and do a little crochet! So hurrah for crafting in public! I didn’t get any obvious ‘she’s a crazy lady looks’ and to be honest once I started I didn’t even feel self conscious. I also figured there was less chance of my handbag disappearing (which surely it wouldn’t) if people had seen it’s full of wool!

Here’s the picture as proof – don’t really like taking pics in this sort of place- but proof was necessary! xx


Would love to hear some more stories of your public displays of crafting!! xx


2 thoughts on “Crochet in public? Me? Hell yeah…..!!!!!!

  1. I take mine with me whenever I’m going somewhere I’ll be still for more than 10 – 15 mins – it goes with me to my sons TKD class and his Mon OT Appts – I’ve been known to take it to the Drs, took it with me to Kaiser with my Mom on X-Mas Eve – I usually get 100 questions and have opened people’s eyes to the craft – they find it interesting!

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