Finding McCall’s 6466!

I love mooching about on pinterest……as I have mentioned before! Sometimes there is an aim, sometimes and generally the best times are when I stumble across an ‘ooooooo I love it!!!!’


I want to make this dress! and already have the perfect material!

3ef08ecbfbb3eb9cc1e0956b271ab4ffd64a56653927759e265471d7a26ab66d I want to make this dress! and already have the perfect material!

I have had quite a few inspirational dresses pinned into my sewing board. They are generally big skirted and involve the overlay of lace….really loving this style at the mo! I have even included wedding dresses which I think are beautiful and in a colour other than white and toned down slightly will make a wearable dress, without people thinking your on the way to your own wedding (no plans to get married people- just love a pretty dress!). Browsing through my pins I linked 3 together and thought hold on! all 3 of those dresses can be made using this pattern….McCall’s 6466! Now I’m on it and want this pattern, I even have the material lined up in my stash from the Birmingham swap to use!

Now I just need to get my hands on a McCall’s 6466!! Bring it on!!!


Adapting the Sorbetto!

I thought the Sorbetto was a great top, such an easy pattern and now I’ve discovered very versatile. So, here are two adaptations! Notice for both I did not put the pleat in the front, the reason being I felt it did not suit the voile and would be a pain matching the stripes up on the dress. For both adaptations I just continued the curved out from the waist and for the length I wanted!

For the top I initially had the front and back the same length with a scooped hem to the seam, front and back, which would have looked great about 4 inches longer it would have been a stunning dress, but as it turned out it just didn’t look right as a top, so a dipped hem did emerge! I was so lucky to have the pink binding floating around in the binding jar, it’s a great match to the flowers.


This was originally and Primark maxi skirt. I love maxi skirts but as we all know when they are on a gather elasticated waistband they are not flattering. Yippee for a refashion! I think this will defo get more wear than the skirt.

IMG_2444[1] IMG_2440[1]

One sunny day…..

Again with the jersey! I love it! I bought this material around March I think and have been saving it as Iuuuuurved it and wanted to be able to make something I really liked, so I was really waiting for my skills to get better! Though with all this sunny weather around the coral and beige stripe was screaming to me to be worn! Now I love stripes but I have been very wary of wearing horizontals ever since something was once said by, I think it was Trinny and Suzanne, horizontal stripes make a person look wider! Yet there is so much nautical themed clothing around all encompassing horizontal stripes. What’s your thoughts on horizontal stripes? So I went for it and thought how I could break the horizontal stripes up a bit and make it unique.

The end result, fake leather straps and a dipped hem!


And this was all put together in the morning before I went to meet some friends at 1.30, along with a lot of other jobs I won’t bore you with! I was very impressed with myself! I did cut the hem shorter than I would have liked at the front, so I didn’t hem the dress which saved me time! And as you can see in the pic the gathering is uneven when a belt is thrown straight on, so I do plan on putting elastic around the waist to even out the gather, this wasn’t me skipping a job to get it finished, I would have put it on if I’d had some in the house. But it was great to finish the dress and have the best excuse to wear it! xx


P.S do you like the hair? Found a tutorial on pinterest and was really quick to do, great for the hot weather and much more fun than sticking it in a pony, like what happens nearly everyday!

My First Colette!…..Sorbetto love!

In anticipation for the Anise jacket….yes the one I’ve been putting off for months as I am so scared, yes folks, scared!!As there are sooo many layers to it, I know it’s going to be a mammoth project!!! I thought I would have ago at another Colette pattern and got on the Sorbetto loving after seeing Hannah from MadewithHugsandKisses sporting one so prettily the other week! Yippeeee for free patterns!

Wearing the Sorbetto

I’m getting much better at measuring myself and took the time to do this properly and cut out the correct size, after cover the house with cellotape sticking the print outs together! I love this top and will definitely be making more! Love the material too, perfect for it as it is slinky cotton! I will be making a few adaptations to the pattern though! I found the straps too long so the got shortened, easy peasy! and I would make it 2 inches longer! It’s slightly too short and flashes my belly when I stretch, not nice, so generally I will be wearing a vest underneath! I also did not have any binding which matched and it hemmed around the neck and sleeves absolutely fine. But a very cute top and am deciding at the moment what material to make the next one with!…I do have a lovely ditsy flower print I gained at the swap…. hmmmm!?!

I love knits!!!

I am here to share some jersey knit loving!! I love the stuff! Granted it’s a bit of a pain to cut out for a pattern as it slides around …..but I find it so forgiving to wear (hides the wobbly bits when created in the correct form!). It’s great for making summer dresses, everyday tops, easy peasy cardis and skirts! So I’m here to share some of my most loved jersey creations…..cos I sew more than I blog- you’re getting multiple projects at once! The only creation a pattern was used for was the pink vest top, all the others I have cut around t shirts and just trimmed to fit and shaped as I wanted! The wavey stripe fabric, which I have worn loads and only made a few weeks ago, was an impulse buy while passing the piles of ‘t-shirt’ material. When I got it home and opened the fabric out I discovered the thickest stripe through the middle of the piece, so it had obviously been cut wrong in the past and as I wanted the thickest stripe at the bottom, what would have been a very easy tshirt with elastic band stitched in became hemming and making a tube to conceal the elastic. So thanks to JoJo at Stylefactory for helping me out with that one!

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2160

The dresses on here I always belt up on the waist, as they are tshirt shaped it’s the only way to show off those womanly curves! Be proud of those curves ladies…..they were given to us for a reason!!!

Notice I didn’t hem the maxi dress either! It is a great length with flat sandals and I didn’t want it any shorter! As for the neckline I made it a slash neck and didn’t like it so was rolling it down to see where I wanted the neckline to be and really liked the effect so just stitched it in!

I love my knits!!!

Handmade in Public!


As a newby to sewing I am really conscious of whether my clothes look ‘too’ homemade! So wearing them in public has been a slow process. As more and more people say ‘I like your dress!’ and then the impressed look appears as you tell them you made it yourself……and then, sometimes, they ask if you’ll make them one! Ones confidence starts to go through the roof! And yes folks, even the early creations get thrown on and worn in public! I pretty much now wear something handmade everyday, a top with my jeans, the jersey dresses when the sun appears, but ‘going out’ as in getting dressed up ‘going out’ I have felt like my clothes were not quite good enough! But I’ve been out twice this weekend (very unusual for me to go out at all but when I do it seems there’s all sorts happen at once) and both times, a night out in Liverpool and music festival yesterday, to both I have worn dresses I made myself (vino confidence helps too!). It feels great to be looking individual and knowing the compliments actually mean something!

spotty dress!

So wear your handmade with pride!!!!! I plan to for every occasion….I don’t think I’ll buy another dress again….!?!?!