Handmade in Public!


As a newby to sewing I am really conscious of whether my clothes look ‘too’ homemade! So wearing them in public has been a slow process. As more and more people say ‘I like your dress!’ and then the impressed look appears as you tell them you made it yourself……and then, sometimes, they ask if you’ll make them one! Ones confidence starts to go through the roof! And yes folks, even the early creations get thrown on and worn in public! I pretty much now wear something handmade everyday, a top with my jeans, the jersey dresses when the sun appears, but ‘going out’ as in getting dressed up ‘going out’ I have felt like my clothes were not quite good enough! But I’ve been out twice this weekend (very unusual for me to go out at all but when I do it seems there’s all sorts happen at once) and both times, a night out in Liverpool and music festival yesterday, to both I have worn dresses I made myself (vino confidence helps too!). It feels great to be looking individual and knowing the compliments actually mean something!

spotty dress!

So wear your handmade with pride!!!!! I plan to for every occasion….I don’t think I’ll buy another dress again….!?!?!


5 thoughts on “Handmade in Public!

    • My confidence was boosted so much by lovely comments, now I can’t wait to show off what I make! But I was initially so hesitant! Love that I can make my own clothes, be individual and generally they fit better!

      • Good. I’m glad that your confidence is boosted. Now I need to try what you just accomplished. But I know I have a long way to go. Good luck.

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