I love knits!!!

I am here to share some jersey knit loving!! I love the stuff! Granted it’s a bit of a pain to cut out for a pattern as it slides around …..but I find it so forgiving to wear (hides the wobbly bits when created in the correct form!). It’s great for making summer dresses, everyday tops, easy peasy cardis and skirts! So I’m here to share some of my most loved jersey creations…..cos I sew more than I blog- you’re getting multiple projects at once! The only creation a pattern was used for was the pink vest top, all the others I have cut around t shirts and just trimmed to fit and shaped as I wanted! The wavey stripe fabric, which I have worn loads and only made a few weeks ago, was an impulse buy while passing the piles of ‘t-shirt’ material. When I got it home and opened the fabric out I discovered the thickest stripe through the middle of the piece, so it had obviously been cut wrong in the past and as I wanted the thickest stripe at the bottom, what would have been a very easy tshirt with elastic band stitched in became hemming and making a tube to conceal the elastic. So thanks to JoJo at Stylefactory for helping me out with that one!

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2160

The dresses on here I always belt up on the waist, as they are tshirt shaped it’s the only way to show off those womanly curves! Be proud of those curves ladies…..they were given to us for a reason!!!

Notice I didn’t hem the maxi dress either! It is a great length with flat sandals and I didn’t want it any shorter! As for the neckline I made it a slash neck and didn’t like it so was rolling it down to see where I wanted the neckline to be and really liked the effect so just stitched it in!

I love my knits!!!


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