My First Colette!…..Sorbetto love!

In anticipation for the Anise jacket….yes the one I’ve been putting off for months as I am so scared, yes folks, scared!!As there are sooo many layers to it, I know it’s going to be a mammoth project!!! I thought I would have ago at another Colette pattern and got on the Sorbetto loving after seeing Hannah from MadewithHugsandKisses sporting one so prettily the other week! Yippeeee for free patterns!

Wearing the Sorbetto

I’m getting much better at measuring myself and took the time to do this properly and cut out the correct size, after cover the house with cellotape sticking the print outs together! I love this top and will definitely be making more! Love the material too, perfect for it as it is slinky cotton! I will be making a few adaptations to the pattern though! I found the straps too long so the got shortened, easy peasy! and I would make it 2 inches longer! It’s slightly too short and flashes my belly when I stretch, not nice, so generally I will be wearing a vest underneath! I also did not have any binding which matched and it hemmed around the neck and sleeves absolutely fine. But a very cute top and am deciding at the moment what material to make the next one with!…I do have a lovely ditsy flower print I gained at the swap…. hmmmm!?!


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