Oooooo a granny square blanket!!!

IMG_2576[1]I started this project….oooooo……before the heatwave! it’s been great as a pick up/ put down project and complete at ease, as I could just do a square every now and again while watching the telly for example. Yet it has taken quite some time, mainly as it was my first attempt at crochet which has been successful. If you read my previous crochet post about crocheting in public (which I’m still up to every now and again!) I had tried crochet before but could never get my head around it! So perseverance and a great pattern, very easy to follow from Molly Makes Mag, resulted in this!

I love how it turned out! It could have been bigger and I could add to it in the future, but it’s been a great project and cost me the price of a new crochet hook (after I dropped one between the decking whilst crocheting in the garden!0 I used only spare wool I had in my stash and I’m made up I had the colours which you can see, they all work really well together and totally match my living room! Big happy face!

Attaching all the squares together and sewing in all the ends (I will be honest I was naughty and knotted some together) was somewhat of a painful job – it was just so time consuming, so luckily a rainy day, train set out (for my son) and on and off through the day it got done! When I was crocheting the granny squares together I was not quite sure I would like the outcome and initially had the blanket facing the other way so the white stitching could not be seen, but it’s grown on me and I like the white outline. I like how it frames each square! Lovely! Anyway…..made up with it and will defo be wrapping it round my shoulders when the autumn chill sets in (can’t be far off now!).


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