I Need Buttons!!

I’ve done it! Started the Robson coat from Sewaholic! And blimey it’s time consuming…took me long enough to cut the fabric, getting on for 3 hours!!! And the material shreds so there did (and still does abit) look like a purple massacre had happened on the living room floor!

To get to the point…… I’m in need of buttons for it! Buying them at abakhan was going to cost me nearly as much as the material! This is the first time I’ve needed to buy buttons for something particular so am wondering where is a good place to buy buttons (specifically for my very purple mac!) any advice from the sewing and crafters of the world would be very gratefully accepted xx



6 thoughts on “I Need Buttons!!

  1. Don’t have any suggestions of where to look for for buttons, but I’ll be watching here with interest. Last year I made a coat and was gobsmacked at the cost of the buttons, easily more than the cost of the fabric and the lining! Looking forward to,seeing your Robson.

    • Oh I remember the Rag Market from the sewing bloggers meet up!….Happy Face!!!! I am up near Liverpool though so not so easy to get to! Wished I’d have thought of the buttons when we were there….that’s where I got the material from!

    • Eeeek! Just made my first purchase on etsy (enough buttons for all 3 coats) lets hope they turn up in one piece….can’t imagine etsy would let anyone rip you off!!
      Did have a nose on eBay….,but they were just so pretty …..

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