Simplicity K6123

I love this dress! Though I was unsure about it after attaching the bodice to the skirt- in fact the occasion I was making it for I just didn’t bother finishing off and subsequently it was left on the sewing table for a few weeks….but that’s one of the problems with only having two arms and nobody to help you fit a dress to yourself…The bodice seemed baggy and really unflattering! But oh my …how wrong I was! Put a zip in and WOW! It all pulled together in the right places and it flatters perfectly! Well…I say perfectly…. Due to the nature of the dress it does open up a little too much across the chest, so to make it wearable to work I have put a stitch in to decrease the ‘v’.
The fabric is great for the drape which the dress creates for the cross over top and though slippy to handle the darts all seem to be working right! But I defo need to keep practicing those French seams…….this fabric frayed quite easily and so the frayed raw edges have slipped through!

I also loved this way of doing sleeves! It made them so easy and a delight after struggling (still) with the Robson sleeves! The sleeves have two parts to them so there is no hemming involved and a nice amount of ease, so no frustrated messing about trying to get unwanted pleats out! Fab!

And as an added bonus….woohoo! It was a freebie with sew mag…,even better! Thanks simplicity x

For my next trick…..I’m practicing buttons and using a more substantial fabric to avoid frayed edges and French seams!! A prize from the lovely tabitha tweedie! Watch this space x




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