Because I love a little colour in my dress- Simplicity 6144

Another of the bundle buy patterns from the Simplicity New Look sale, the dress 6144.

I love this fabric and wanted to be very definite about which pattern I made! I knew I wanted a raglan top and thought a top to wear over leggings, so more floaty and abit Joules-esque! So I made a fitted dress instead….I baffle myself sometimes! I love the dress though so changed my mind…as is! I was quite partial to the neckline aswell…I think that bit swung it for me!


The neckline did actually turn out to be the most awkward part and involved me unpicking and rearranging a little to flatten the chest of the dress….this still isn’t 100% and too be quite honest I think I would leave it till after putting the front, back and sleeves of the dress together so the neckline can be arranged while the dress is worn, ensuring the fabric to be as flat as possible, we’re all different shapes after all.


As the fabric is quite a sheer cotton it needed lining! But there was no pattern for lining and as the neckline changed shape I had to draft a pattern for lining the front of the dress. I did this by copying the bottom half of the dress up to the top of the darts and then laying the front section of the dress over and tracing around the neckline and sleeves! Plus the lining is a petty pink which always help!

IMG_2265 IMG_2263 IMG_2264

I originally had the dress with the sleeves the longest version, but thought it was a bit too much with the big print and much prefer it with short sleeves.


I chose the smaller size than I should pick, if following the sizes, as this seems to work for me and I reduce the seam size around, well, waistline down shall we say as the size up is always to baggy around the bust for me. I’m finding this with all patterns at the moment and really should attempt to shrink my assets, but blah to that …..bring on the warbies toast!


One thought on “Because I love a little colour in my dress- Simplicity 6144

  1. Ive just bought the exact same dress and I love it – I bought one in the sale (£10) and I’m planning on un-picking it and using it as a draft. I love your fabric choice too!

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