all about me ….

My very clever, or flooky 3 year old took this pic!

My very clever, or flooky 3 year old took this pic!

Hi to all who read this! I’m Caroline and this is my attempt to share my adventures in crafting!

I “borrowed” (somewhat of a lose term now) my Mums sewing machine before christmas to make some simple aprons and have become hooked! Bags, teepees and even clothes …..which I wear! I am willing to give anything a go!

As a teacher and a mum to a very energetic 3 year old boy time is limited, but I disappear to my sewing nook whenever I can. I feel I am constantly developing my skills by taking on board my Mum’s advice (a keen sewer when I was younger) and the many blogs I visit for techniques and more importantly inspiration.


2 thoughts on “all about me ….

  1. Always encouraged to see another mom challenged with trying to sew with children about. I can’t seem to get 10 minutes together, to sit down and sew unless its the middle of the night. Looking forward to following your blog.

    • Thanks! and thanks for following! Fireman Sam is my best time for sewing…my lad gets sucked in! Other than that there is a small foot attempting to hit the pedal and generally not stopping if I am on the sewing machine while he is awake…because he wants to help! he he x

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