A snuggly shawl!

When you can’t take your sewing on your hols, what’s the only other option….. grab your knitting bag and take your crocheting to a new level! I’ve spread my wings and completed my first shawl!


I’ve wanted to do a lacy shawl for aaaagggges but have struggled finding a pattern I had a) the patience for b) used chunkier wool so it would not take forevvvvvver! c) the pattern was not too complex…. I get lost very easily when there are hundreds of stitches and I have to count them all the way through the pattern – blah! So hurrah for mooching around on ravelry and finding ‘I promise you pineapples!‘ by Justyna Kacprzak. I had a look at the pattern and discovered there was a repetition in each row which was very easy to follow and due to the type of wool used would build up quickly ( I have too many projects on the go I did not want to bring something home half finished…cos it would have stayed that way till after Christmas). I headed up to my stash of wool and rooted out four balls of ecowool chunky in grey….very warm snuggly real wool left over from a HUGE cardi I started a few Christmases ago (and finished the following Christmas….are you catching on?????) and decided it should be enough – how wrong I was! As you can see from the pics it made the main body of the shawl and there was only a little left over, at which point I was on Anglesey and debating how to get my hands on more chunky wool to finish it off! I did think aswell that it looked somewhat drab just being grey…..very wintery and a girl needs cheering up on a winter’s day, so thought some hot pink would be great for the pineapples round the edge – I also love pink and think it’s a great contrast with grey! On a sneaky trip to the poundshop for a chocolate stash….what did I spot but a huge stash of hot pink double knit, 3 balls for £2 ….. how could I not!!!! But as it was DK and not chunky I did briefly debate the matter till, come on, at that price double up the wool! Et voila!!!!! So working with two threads next to each other my pineapples appeared and I could not be happier with the outcome!IMG_3100[1]IMG_3106[1]

Love the colours, the main body is so warm with the real wool and I got to practice my crochet skills! A fab rainy holiday project! xx


OOdles of bOOdles

Over the summer I discovered a new type of yarn….well new to me! Boodles a jersey yarn and needs a huge crochet hook, which I thought would be great for practicing my newly acquired skills, I know it’s been a while, but still getting the hang of it! It was great! Knit up really quick! And went really far!! 3 bobbins (they look really fun like a bobbin ) created 2 tablet cases, a pair of slippers for my son, which started off as a phone cover till the not so little one anymore put it over his foot and I figured ooooo let’s try making a heal piece! Et voila….. A pair for myself and a while Im knitting yarn holder with the leftovers. All the patterns I made up myself so for example I just adapted the slippers by lengthening the foot piece and enlarging the heal! Quite proud of my imaginative crochet pattern creating skills…… For a newbie!!!




Oooooo a granny square blanket!!!

IMG_2576[1]I started this project….oooooo……before the heatwave! it’s been great as a pick up/ put down project and complete at ease, as I could just do a square every now and again while watching the telly for example. Yet it has taken quite some time, mainly as it was my first attempt at crochet which has been successful. If you read my previous crochet post about crocheting in public (which I’m still up to every now and again!) I had tried crochet before but could never get my head around it! So perseverance and a great pattern, very easy to follow from Molly Makes Mag, resulted in this!

I love how it turned out! It could have been bigger and I could add to it in the future, but it’s been a great project and cost me the price of a new crochet hook (after I dropped one between the decking whilst crocheting in the garden!0 I used only spare wool I had in my stash and I’m made up I had the colours which you can see, they all work really well together and totally match my living room! Big happy face!

Attaching all the squares together and sewing in all the ends (I will be honest I was naughty and knotted some together) was somewhat of a painful job – it was just so time consuming, so luckily a rainy day, train set out (for my son) and on and off through the day it got done! When I was crocheting the granny squares together I was not quite sure I would like the outcome and initially had the blanket facing the other way so the white stitching could not be seen, but it’s grown on me and I like the white outline. I like how it frames each square! Lovely! Anyway…..made up with it and will defo be wrapping it round my shoulders when the autumn chill sets in (can’t be far off now!).

A fallen crochet hook and the uprising of earrings!

Doing a little crocheting on the decking and…woops… the crochet hook has fallen between the planks! Supersize doh!!! and no amount of faffing with tweezers will get it out! QUick! Jump in the car and get to the closest place I can think of for a crochet hook, the local garden centre which has a craft store….awesome! I think the only thing I have bought from there before is….surprisingly a crochet hook…..but me oh my am I glad we went! 50% OFF EVERYTHING!!!!! So zippedy doo dah! I got very excited, maybe a little too excited! I have been wanting to get my son letters of his name for some name recognition and letter practise, plus a little fun painting activity on a sunny afternoon! So…check!


The best bit was finding the beads and earring making notions! Awesome! Didn’t have a clue what I was doing so picked up some pliers and wire and then discovered what I actually needed by watching a tutorial on youtube and returned the next day! So here is my new collection and some of my early creations! I got some big crystal effect hearts, which I want to make earrings with but am unsure of how to rig up, any ideas????

Can you see the big hearts? Middle top row!

Can you see the big hearts? Middle top row!


Crochet in public? Me? Hell yeah…..!!!!!!

I felt so inspired with the response to my blog post about the stigma of crocheting in public….and I truly mean inspired! I would not have done what I did otherwise…. I did it! I crocheted in public!


I tried to be quite discreet as I was a little nervy and put the two necessary balls of wool into my handbag (if I was going to do it I was going to do something proper!) and yeah I did tuck myself away abit , it was either sit slap bang in the middle of everyone or over to the side on a little sofa! We were at the jungle gym so people kept walking past me, and don’t get me wrong I did go and play with Fin, but every now and again I’d scoot off and leave him to it and do a little crochet! So hurrah for crafting in public! I didn’t get any obvious ‘she’s a crazy lady looks’ and to be honest once I started I didn’t even feel self conscious. I also figured there was less chance of my handbag disappearing (which surely it wouldn’t) if people had seen it’s full of wool!

Here’s the picture as proof – don’t really like taking pics in this sort of place- but proof was necessary! xx


Would love to hear some more stories of your public displays of crafting!! xx

Can you crochet…….in public?

It has taken me over a year to figure out how to crochet! I have picked up and put down little bits; circles, stars and now squares and it’s only just clicked! I have knit for a few years and just got it straight away! But crocheting to me was like a foreign language!
I find knitting quite relaxing, unless I’m on a mission to finish something, but have quite dodgy wrists after 7 years ago injuring myself kitesurfing……yes kitesurfing – the fewer questions about that one the better, and yes 7 years ago, which I got told off for by the physio I eventually went to see last week….apparently I should have gone straight to A&E when it happened, but carried on kitesurfing instead! So knitting is a bit of a no no, but I have so many random balls of wool it’s depressing! So let’s give crocheting a granny blanket a go! Inspired by The Make-For-Anyone Blanket MollieMakes article from issue 24. Now if you look closely I haven’t gone through the exact part of the stitch to pick up another stitch! And I’m not quite up on the terminology yet either! It is a really easy pattern, just using treble crochet and chain stitches and easy to pick up after a few squares! Don’t even need to look at the pattern now! I’m aiming for 54 squares, and they are big squares! Only 38 to go!IMG_2141 IMG_2142

I could be making a lot faster if I didn’t feel the eyes glaring at me in a ‘what on Earth is she doing???’ when I even debate crocheting in public! Sat in the jungle gym yesterday for 2 hours, there’s 3 more done for example…. but I’m too much of a scaredy cat! Anyone else feel like this? Or do us crafters stick together and not care how the world of non crafters stare at us in a non understanding disbelief!!!