Let it snow……

I'm in there somewhere!!

I’m in there somewhere!!

I know the weather should be warming up and I really can’t wait for it (to start sewing my summer dresses for summer) but I saw a fur (all fake obviously)snood tutorial on a blog and had to make one. It took less than an hour, probably even about half an hour, the room looked like a small animal had been sheered (thank goodness for Henry hoover) but it was so worth it, I then went and made my Mum one, cos I love her so much!

http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.co.uk/p/favorite-posts.html here’s the link for the fur snood, this lady is amazing with her tutorials! I mad mine a bit shorter so it was snugger round my neck!

I then decided with my left over fur I was having myself a HAT!!!!

So, here goes my first tutorial!

Notes: This hat is a bit big around my head (Im a great believer thta I should sew bigger as I can always make things smaller, and once i’ts cut, it’s cut!).

All measurements have 1.5cm seam allowance.

The fur may clog up your machine abit so keep blowing to clear any dust.

I had half a meter of fur from Abakhan North Wales and this created the hat and two snoods.

Rim of the Hat

1, cut  a piece of fur 69cm (27 inch) by 15 cm (6″). Try to push the fur underneath while you are cutting or it chops the fur off too.

2, cut your lining 69cm by 13cm (5″). I used a piece of jersey left over, the shorter width will turn the edge of the fur underneath a little around your face.

3, Pin the right side of the jersey and fur together and pin. Sew on your machine using a thick needle (100/16 I used).

Sew the short edges together to make a tube (right sides together)

4, Turn the material so it is the right way around and sew the top edge on your machine, so the raw edges are sticking out.

I used my cutting board as a line to cut along.

I used my cutting board as a line to cut along.

The Top of the Hat

5, Cut out a template of a circle 20cm in diameter (8″)

6, Cut out a circle of fur and jersye this size.

7, with wrong sides together machine stitch around the edge of the circle.

hat top

Make the Hat

8, Pin the edges of the top of the hat to the rim so the raw edges will all face inside the hat when it has been sewn.

9, Try on the hat (without sticking pins in your head if you can) and check you like the fit. Make any alterations, pull the rim further onto the circle if hats too big or hanging too far over your eyes for example (everybodies head is different).

10, stitch the rim tothe top of the hat.

11, And finally hoover the floor, while strutting your stuff in your new fur hat……..

The final hat inside out.

The final hat inside out.

Woohoo! One Super Furry Hat!

Woohoo! One Super Furry Hat!

Love it!!!!!

As this is my first tutorial (and i am pretty new to sewing) and I’m very new to blogging I would greatly appreciate as much feedback as possible!

Thanks x