A Feminist Rant!

Taking other crafters advice I chose to call the local fencing yard around the corner from my house to see if they have any cut offs of fencing/ wood available for people, ie me, to pick up! The response I got absolutely baffled me and left me gobsmacked! In the days when a women is supposed to be every mans equal….. with around one in ten of the military personnel being women in the UK and women running for Presidential candidacy what man would hear a women’s voice down the phone with the simple request of … do you have spare cut offs? and respond with laughter and  ‘you going to come round in your tight skirt and climb in the skip? It’s more hassle than it’s worth love…you’ll have all the blokes eyeing you up as you climb in the skip!!’


How’s a girl supposed to respond to that?

‘Right ……  I don’t wear tight skirts!’

Then silence…… Talk about patronising!  Speaking in such a way to a woman you know nothing about and have never even seen….I’m not scared of a few broken nails, I’ve laid flags, patios, decking, shovelled shingle and goose poo……


A simple no it all gets chucked in the skip, can’t do it! That would have done!!

But this then brought me to question, what would they have said to a man? Mention a mini skirt? blokes leering at them? Or if they are able to go round and help themselves, because they’re a bloke and won’t be bothered about breaking a nail?

Has anybody else come across this sort of gender block in their day to day life? The things you just don’t expect to happen anymore?