Simplicity K6123

I love this dress! Though I was unsure about it after attaching the bodice to the skirt- in fact the occasion I was making it for I just didn’t bother finishing off and subsequently it was left on the sewing table for a few weeks….but that’s one of the problems with only having two arms and nobody to help you fit a dress to yourself…The bodice seemed baggy and really unflattering! But oh my …how wrong I was! Put a zip in and WOW! It all pulled together in the right places and it flatters perfectly! Well…I say perfectly…. Due to the nature of the dress it does open up a little too much across the chest, so to make it wearable to work I have put a stitch in to decrease the ‘v’.
The fabric is great for the drape which the dress creates for the cross over top and though slippy to handle the darts all seem to be working right! But I defo need to keep practicing those French seams…….this fabric frayed quite easily and so the frayed raw edges have slipped through!

I also loved this way of doing sleeves! It made them so easy and a delight after struggling (still) with the Robson sleeves! The sleeves have two parts to them so there is no hemming involved and a nice amount of ease, so no frustrated messing about trying to get unwanted pleats out! Fab!

And as an added bonus….woohoo! It was a freebie with sew mag…,even better! Thanks simplicity x

For my next trick…..I’m practicing buttons and using a more substantial fabric to avoid frayed edges and French seams!! A prize from the lovely tabitha tweedie! Watch this space x




OOdles of bOOdles

Over the summer I discovered a new type of yarn….well new to me! Boodles a jersey yarn and needs a huge crochet hook, which I thought would be great for practicing my newly acquired skills, I know it’s been a while, but still getting the hang of it! It was great! Knit up really quick! And went really far!! 3 bobbins (they look really fun like a bobbin ) created 2 tablet cases, a pair of slippers for my son, which started off as a phone cover till the not so little one anymore put it over his foot and I figured ooooo let’s try making a heal piece! Et voila….. A pair for myself and a while Im knitting yarn holder with the leftovers. All the patterns I made up myself so for example I just adapted the slippers by lengthening the foot piece and enlarging the heal! Quite proud of my imaginative crochet pattern creating skills…… For a newbie!!!




Check me out….on twitter!

It’s all been a bit quiet since school went back….as many of you teacher bloggers will know…first few weeks back…. time is short and blogging is few and far between! But I am still stitching and want to be able to report on what’s going on so I have started up on twitter (have previously been on their as fluffysheep). If you’re up to see what goes on a….hmmmm…daily basis – I’ll give it a shot!!!!

@cottonheiress on twitter!

Going all Grecain….attempting to be a Goddess!


What a fun holiday dress…though the fabric is┬áprobably more Caribbean than Skeggy (yes folks….I’ve been at Butlins!).

I have seen a few of these dresses floating around on pinterest and had every intention of making a maxi dress with this material…so it just worked out! I have adapted the very easy four rectangles and stitch up to where the neckline, back and sleeves are going to go…so easy! Well it would have been if this knit material was not so lycra filled- oh my- was it hard work getting it to go through the sewing machine in a straight line! As it was quite difficult cutting and stitching in straight lines :-/ the rectangles were slightly off shall we say…but the joy of jersey and this particular material being quite heavy, it falls lovely! I then ruched the shoulders by putting a long stitch through the shoulder seam and stitched the ends in after I made them about the same width. Again, there is nothing really precise, pattern wise. It was a couple of hours, with child in tow….so a lot less really, but who knows!

As for the holiday….. there can be a certain stigma towards Butlins, this was my first time…..but wow! What a fab place! Loads to do, activities going on all day and Fin loved it! But don’t go there unless you have a child in tow and are willing to act like a 3 year old! Need another holiday now though….jam packed days starting as early as 8.30 and not finishing till late…. so glad not at work this week!


Yo folks! Just setting up bloglovin!
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I have soooo much to talk about and I think it may have to wait for the weekend! Which is just too long as the meet up in Birmingham at the weekend was AWESOME! Hello all you lovely ladies who made fabric shopping and lunch so much fun! Plus thanks for the swaps! xx

More vintage making!

I posted recently about the vintage patterns I had being buying on ebay. Well, last weekend I took one of my favourite trips to the fabric shop with some specific ideas of material and colours for the skirt I loved but…..really did not have fun when I got there! I usually love a browse, mooching through the piles of fabric weighing up the different patterns I have…though I did take a shopping list! But yuck! The pay and display metre was not working and ate my money so I only had one hour, which always puts me on edge as the traffic wardens of the City of Liverpool are fierce!!!! With my time limit eating away in my mind, and the fact I went unprepared with little cash and having to spend over a certain amount to use cards and not being able to take materials go between floors to pay for it…..oh it was stressful!
I eventually picked up on this patterned fabric in the last lot of materials I got round to, always in the last place you look! I loved the pattern and thought it would work wonderfully with the skirt pattern and I would get the opportunity to work on matching a pattern, until I got it home and realised I had not studied the pattern properly and needed the main sections of material to be cut on the bias (across the grain – see I’m learning!) But this pattern on the fabric for me was only going to work along the grain, so as I seem to be doing alot lately, I adapted the pattern. I cut the material and made the skirt following the pattern instructions and it obviously fell very structured and straight which made it stick out in an aline shape ALOT. So, I turned the skirt inside out and repinned the shape to a slimmer aline from the bottom of the yoke and it has made a lovely aline shape skirt which I am really happy with.

On a windy, cold day in May!

On a windy, cold day in May!

Obviously there is always something I would like to work on as I’m improving my sewing skills and with this material I was hoping to have a go at matching patterns, which was impossible as the pattern was too erratic. Without studying it, which I couldn’t in my brief time fabric shopping, I could not see the repetition was sparse and matching up the rows was …….difficult.
I am happy with the outcome, especially that I had a purple zip (matching the skirt) in my stash and put it in super easy! I’ve been wearing the skirt, a true sign of a happy outcome and will be using this pattern (the correct way, with the correct material) in the near future! Happy sewing!

Lovin’ Bloggin’

It’s been just over a week and I have really enjoyed sharing my sewing with you……… Had 38 hits (at the moment) and 8 followers, loads of likes on my posts (loads to a newbie like me).
I am really happy people like my posts, I hope you’ve been having a go! Hope I can keep this up for you xx

A few sewing firsts for me…..

Snow days indeed!!!! Bring them on more oftern……preferably in winter tho! I have hads a very productive two days hanging out in the house with my boy! In between the playing with trains, watching cars and Disney Jnr, baking bread, building a snowman and a snowdog, playing spiderman (with Fin dressed in suit) and catching up on Merlin…. I have managed to sew a dress (still waiting to do the neck and arm binding…. I ain’t superwoman ;-)) and completing a skirt, which Im very excited about……in fact Im really excited about both of them!

The dress. (I will post the pic tomorrow after I have finished!)

I based this on a dress I already own. I love the pattern and colour of the material and thought it would fall lovely, like the other dress.

The pattern was literally an aline from the bust down based on the width of the dress i already own and an inch seam allowance for the french seams. I did keep trying the dress on at every stage, so, straps, which i took up, took it in under the arms and dipped the neckline ……love making my own clothes, getting them to fit just as I want….eeeek!!! (I’m such a girl!) I then decided where I wanted the waist to cinch in and pinned about 1.5inch lower (to get a bit of a slouch). Got a thin piece of elastic (about 5mm) and used the long stitch stretching the elastic through the waistline as I sewed.

The Skirt


With two new skills – making pockets and using interfacing.


Now this has been 2 skirts today, starting at the hips and then I took the decision to make a waisted skirt. I’m usually quite dubious of waisted skirts as I think they can Make me look big! But as I seem to have shrunk my waist a little in recent weeks…….another girly eeek! (and all because I started sewing and wanted the clothes I made to fit me better) I thought sod it! so after a bit of unpicking, chopping and resewing! This was the outcome. Roll on the warmer weather to wear it!

The decision for this pattern was from some inspiration off other blogs. Tilly and the Buttons ‘Picnic Blanket Skirt’ and Sweet Verbena colour block dress mashup!

This isn’t a tutorial, so much as a run through as Ididnt follow a tutorial but did use other people’s concepts and etiquette wise, don’t want to annoy anyone…..not sure how this sort of thing really works yet.

I cut the waist band (originally with my hip measurements) a block of the orangey colour and a slimmer block of the stone to make up the length I wanted and seam allowance of around half an inch. I stitched the blocks of colour together, put on the pockets and stitched the side seams (including going around the pockets), put the interfacing on one half of the waistband (iron and wet cloth). Then I long stitched the top edge of the orange material and adjusted it to the waistband, stitched the skirt to the inside edge of the waistband leaving enough material to insert the zipper. Zipper in and folded the waistband over and stitched.

To the change it to a waister i unpicked the side seam without the zip, leaving one side of the pocket attached, cut through the waistband. Then repinned the waistband, side seam and stitched avoiding the pocket, then restitched around the pocket.

I think I may even wear it with grey tights and brown boots if the weather stays so dreary!

Also managed to finish the binding on this top which has been hanging around for weeks, so I could have a practice on a few other things first. I love this fabric and wanted it to be something I could wear.


Well its been a busy old day. Fin fell asleep at 5 and is now in bed (it’s going to be an early morning), but in the time he was on the sofa I started yet another skirt…..from a pattern……another first!!!! So will post it tomorrow when its hemmed!

I’m off to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start again tomo! I really don’t spend my life sewing……honest……it’s just been one of those days!