After spending about 2 hours on etsy I eventually decided on the buttons I wanted for my many coats!
The stars for khaki anise and trees….these were the most expensive but I luuuuuurve them!!!!!! For what I consider teal material anise! And pretty little flowers for my girly purple Robson mac! Love it!!!

Very happy with my choices and the lady I bought them from Lyanwood and the fact they turned up in around a week from Hong Kong! I have now ordered some jewellery from etsy for a present ( not to myself unfortunately) I have a feeling the sellers are more conscientious and bothered about their customers!!!




Sorry about the photos! Posted this from my phone 😏


And so it has begun….. the Robson Coat!

Well summer is over….the return to work has occurred, the summer dresses are stashed in the wardrobe and it’s time to start making these many jackets I have lined up!
So at the weekend I took the opportunity of staying home…..and starting the Robson coat! It is a long process!

A shell of a coat!

A shell of a coat!

I’m finding binding the seams is the biggest faff but totally understand why it is done as it saves lining, looks so much neater, quite a funky finish and in my case save the material from fraying anymore! With respect to the fraying fabric….. Oh my the mess! If there were purple dogs or sheep in the world I would say one just got slaughtered in my living room!

A lot of hoovering throughout the weekend!

A lot of hoovering throughout the weekend!

I have already learnt quite a lot from this unfinished project;

1- I need to take more care and time using binding! or buy wider binding – this would probably be the easiest option!
2 – trim the seams more.

3 – pay attention to where your notches are Miss Caroline! I lined up the pockets with the wrong notches (very easily done with this overly fraying material) and had pockets half way down my legs! Subsequently lots of unpicking and rearranging/ restitching!

4- Press using a wet pillow case for super flatness of thick fabric!
5 – walk away!!!!! When I get abit frustrated I have to just put it all away, hoover up and do something else till tomorrow…..otherwise I’d have thrown the whole coat in the bin!
and I want to say use the size down for Sewaholic patterns… but can’t really give a confirmation on that until I’m finished! I’ve already taken in the back seams and adapted the bust line….so I do feel this size (the size I’ve discovered generally I do use on patterns – not telling you what it is 😉 ) is too big for me! Now I’m wondering about Colette patterns for the Anise as it was mentioned to me it’s a good idea to go a size smaller.

Also this is a very long coat for me, so I will be taking it up too!

Watch this space for the finished coat….or take bets on how long it’s going to be until it’s finished!!! hmmmmm we could still be here at Christmas!


My First Colette!…..Sorbetto love!

In anticipation for the Anise jacket….yes the one I’ve been putting off for months as I am so scared, yes folks, scared!!As there are sooo many layers to it, I know it’s going to be a mammoth project!!! I thought I would have ago at another Colette pattern and got on the Sorbetto loving after seeing Hannah from MadewithHugsandKisses sporting one so prettily the other week! Yippeeee for free patterns!

Wearing the Sorbetto

I’m getting much better at measuring myself and took the time to do this properly and cut out the correct size, after cover the house with cellotape sticking the print outs together! I love this top and will definitely be making more! Love the material too, perfect for it as it is slinky cotton! I will be making a few adaptations to the pattern though! I found the straps too long so the got shortened, easy peasy! and I would make it 2 inches longer! It’s slightly too short and flashes my belly when I stretch, not nice, so generally I will be wearing a vest underneath! I also did not have any binding which matched and it hemmed around the neck and sleeves absolutely fine. But a very cute top and am deciding at the moment what material to make the next one with!…I do have a lovely ditsy flower print I gained at the swap…. hmmmm!?!

A gift? ……….For Me?

Hello Robson!!!

Hello Robson!!!

Well not really a gift, but I did win a giveaway! Woohoo! My first! Thanks sooooo much to Veanna from sosewlovely. The fabulous Robson Coat from Sewaholic arrived on my doorstep earlier today! Thanks Postie……who I did actually nearly run over, well, you don’t expect to turn the corner into your road and find the postman crouched over all his mail in the middle of the road! Poor bloke!

Anyway back to the pattern. I have seen numerous Robson coats on various blogs and it’s a great shape and versatile for personalising! This coat to me seems so adaptable, as a rain mac or a lighter summer mac. Especially as the English summer is not what it used to be, this week excepted, let us expect rain…… too pessimistic for me! It’s going to be 22 degrees plus until October 31st (in my mind…..and inside my Robson coat!).

Ooooo, I love a crispy pattern!

Ooooo, I love a crispy pattern!

When I posted on sosewlovely in response to the giveaway I was ‘living on a hope and a dream’, I never win things (especially the lottery!) and the many other sewing enthusiasts made it stiff competition! But luckily my intention of funky lining and contrast cuffs, pockets must have struck a cord. As for material I’m looking forward to this one! Especially as I will be fabric shopping with 40 other sewing bloggers next weekend at the Birmingham meet up, including my new blogging buddy…….and yes we have met in REAL LIFE, actual face to face conversation at a workshop Hannah from madewithhugsandkisses was running at the StyleFactory in Runcorn. Hi Hannah!! See you Thursday at sewing club! (which was a riot this week-great group of women!)!! So I am expecting to be able to pick people’s brains and get some hints and tips on the pattern, also for the Colette Anise which I have been umming and ahhing about for months now!

Colette Anise! Ready and WAITING!

Colette Anise! Ready and WAITING!

I want the Robson coat to be in one colour with the pockets, cuffs, belt and lining to be in a contrast colour. I could keep with a summer nautical theme with navy blue and white contrast, but whenever I flick my eyes towards the pattern I see a turquoise coat with bright pink pockets….eeeek a bit bright , but how fab with the right shades (no I don’t mean sunglasses!). Yet, who knows what I’ll end up with after an all day fabric shopping trip, swoon!!!!

So another watch this space……yeah I know there has been no progress with the Anise…….but I will hopefully be blogging next Saturday in sheer joy and excitement at the material I have selected for the Robson!

Supersize EEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!!! in excitement!

And another huge thank-you to Veanna (cool name!) at sosewlovely! And Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!

Happy Sewing!

Colette, The Anise Jacket

IMG_1983It’s been a bit like Christmas this week….well I suppose it’s last week now. There is a new niece….’hello Freya!’ that was obviously the biggy….and hello to her Mummy if she reads this before I visit tomorrow! And parcels in the post….feels like Christmas! Oooooo what could it be! There was a 70’s vintage dress pattern I purchased from ebay! And this little gem the Colette Anise Jacket! Bought from sewbox, so very prompt, think it was next day it fell on my mat and with a little freebie of some lovely ribbon!!!! Always a pleasure….thank you very much sewbox! Now why post about a pattern without any plans or any making to show I hear you tick tock! Well, I bought a lovely rusty pink (if that is actually a colour) of linen and silvery habito (don’t know how to spell it sorry-my failing) to line for a summer jacket, but am now thinking the linen may be too stiff a fabric and it will not fall right and really would like people’s advice…. on various factors….

the type of material to use

the sizing guide

bound or stitched buttonholes

any hints and tips…..

The book with the pattern is great, but I would really appreciate any advice from people who have made colette patterns before or have experience with this jacket. This is something I really want to take my time with and get right as I feel I’m on a mission whenever I start a pattern and can’t leave alone until it’s complete and then find it’s too tight here or it would have been better if I’d have done such a thing instead. This I want to enjoy taking my time making and have it turn out wonderful….so even if the material is wrong and I need to get different….. I am willing to do what I must!