Bow Cuff.

IMG_1977I have seen cuffs like this around, in real leather, and had the thought ‘I can make that!’…. not in real leather. It was a while ago I saw these and cannot remember where I have seen them, whether it was on a blog or in a fashion mag. My process of creation (oooo check me out) was checking out how to put on poppers by googling and then…… winging it! It literally took minutes to make (after I dug out my hammer and hot glue gun!).

Here’s a quick tutorial.

1) Cut 2 rectangles of faux leather: large 8″ by 2″ and small 2″ by 3/4″ these are trimmed as go along to fit your wrist and get the look you want (I used a rotary cutter to get easy straight lines.


2)Pinch in the centre of the big strip making sure the edges turn under (towards your wrist – just makes it look neater) and stitch through a few times to hold it in place.


3)Get your glue gun ready- make sure the glue is runny so it won’t dry so fast.

Wrap the small rectangle around the pinched in section so it is edge to edge, trim depending on how tight your pinched section is. Now it’s quite fiddly but glue the material and stick the wrong side to the wrong side of the material (glue doesn’t stick to well to the slippy side of faux leather I have found.


4) Wrap the cuff around your wrist, with a little give so it doesn’t cut off circulation and leave an overlap of an inch. Measure out where your poppers are going to go and mark them on. 1/2″ From the end and 5/8″ in.



5) Get those poppers on! And mind that thumb with your hammer!!!


And you have one gorg designer looking cuff! I have plans to make this into a belt too!