Going all Grecain….attempting to be a Goddess!


What a fun holiday dress…though the fabric is probably more Caribbean than Skeggy (yes folks….I’ve been at Butlins!).

I have seen a few of these dresses floating around on pinterest and had every intention of making a maxi dress with this material…so it just worked out! I have adapted the very easy four rectangles and stitch up to where the neckline, back and sleeves are going to go…so easy! Well it would have been if this knit material was not so lycra filled- oh my- was it hard work getting it to go through the sewing machine in a straight line! As it was quite difficult cutting and stitching in straight lines :-/ the rectangles were slightly off shall we say…but the joy of jersey and this particular material being quite heavy, it falls lovely! I then ruched the shoulders by putting a long stitch through the shoulder seam and stitched the ends in after I made them about the same width. Again, there is nothing really precise, pattern wise. It was a couple of hours, with child in tow….so a lot less really, but who knows!

As for the holiday….. there can be a certain stigma towards Butlins, this was my first time…..but wow! What a fab place! Loads to do, activities going on all day and Fin loved it! But don’t go there unless you have a child in tow and are willing to act like a 3 year old! Need another holiday now though….jam packed days starting as early as 8.30 and not finishing till late…. so glad not at work this week!


I love knits!!!

I am here to share some jersey knit loving!! I love the stuff! Granted it’s a bit of a pain to cut out for a pattern as it slides around …..but I find it so forgiving to wear (hides the wobbly bits when created in the correct form!). It’s great for making summer dresses, everyday tops, easy peasy cardis and skirts! So I’m here to share some of my most loved jersey creations…..cos I sew more than I blog- you’re getting multiple projects at once! The only creation a pattern was used for was the pink vest top, all the others I have cut around t shirts and just trimmed to fit and shaped as I wanted! The wavey stripe fabric, which I have worn loads and only made a few weeks ago, was an impulse buy while passing the piles of ‘t-shirt’ material. When I got it home and opened the fabric out I discovered the thickest stripe through the middle of the piece, so it had obviously been cut wrong in the past and as I wanted the thickest stripe at the bottom, what would have been a very easy tshirt with elastic band stitched in became hemming and making a tube to conceal the elastic. So thanks to JoJo at Stylefactory for helping me out with that one!

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2160

The dresses on here I always belt up on the waist, as they are tshirt shaped it’s the only way to show off those womanly curves! Be proud of those curves ladies…..they were given to us for a reason!!!

Notice I didn’t hem the maxi dress either! It is a great length with flat sandals and I didn’t want it any shorter! As for the neckline I made it a slash neck and didn’t like it so was rolling it down to see where I wanted the neckline to be and really liked the effect so just stitched it in!

I love my knits!!!

Frustrated seamstress!

There is nothing more annoying than starting a dress and not being able to finish it! When I start a project I aim to get it finished! Have I made my point?

I started thinking about this dress as soon as I bought the bright pink material on the Birmingham meet-up and on Thursday took some patterns to sewing club and had a natter with the ladies and had a nosey at what Hannah was making…..got a little inspiration there! And on Saturday afternoon, when it was a ‘shock, horror’ wet and windy afternoon, I got cutting.


So excited to have made my first semi circle skirt, thanks to JoJo at Stylefactory for digging out a pattern! They are such a flattering shape skirt, from what I can see pinning the unfinished dress to myself! I adapted a pattern of a bodice, well I chopped the top of the bodice off and kept fiddling with it to make a sweetheart neckline, I then attached a netted section to create something like this,

Think this is a stunning dress! I WANT TO MAKE ME ONE!!!

but decided it was too dressy and unlikely I would wear it very often (bear it mind it is shocking pink!) and it looked a bit wedding dressy as the back was in two triangular sections- it was lovely and if I’m ever going anywhere ooober dressy I will be using those neckline sections which I have kept! So I figured straps for a sundress! With the aid of a little interfacing, which I just laid the dress over some more of the pink material and drew a line the shape of the neckline! Made overly long straps which I gathered for the front and while holding up the front of the bodice marked where I wanted them and stitched them in.


Now I’m itching to try it on and see how it’s all come together, especially as I have made up the majority of the dress myself, which is quite a new trick for me, as I really have been relying on patterns! But I have to try and stop dancing on the spot until my Mum (who knows what she’s doing) can pop round and help me out pinning the straps into the interfacing in the correct spot!